Sariska Manor

Neo Colonial-styled Wilderness Retreat 

In Nature's lap

Sariska Manor is located at the entrance to India’s oldest tiger reserve. Sharing borders with the southern gate of Sariska National Park, Sariska Manor is spread on acres of land, the outer periphery of which has been rewilded, complete with a pond and fruiting trees for the fauna to indulge.

The atmospheric inner circle is girdled by cottages, twenty-six of them; tasteful lounging and dining areas - all inspired by the adventurous yet sophisticated lifestyle of explorers from the colonial era, overlooking a beautiful garden and an indulgent swimming pool. 

Inspired by the style and sensibilities of the Maharaja of Alwar, whose penchant for outdoing the English at their own game is legendary, Sariska Manor creates a Neo-Colonial styled haven amidst the rugged landscape of Sariska. Mirroring both the Maharaja’s and the English fondness for the wilderness with no compromise on space or luxury, Sariska Manor spells style and sophistication, harking back to the golden era of the land.

A Desert Camp Near Jodhpur

Cradle of Wilderness, Culture and Heritage

Unparalleled Experiential Destination

Immerse in experiences from cycling, birdwatching, hiking, rock climbing, excursions to ancient temples and forts. Sariska Manor enjoys the prime location of being just next to the Tehla gate. Celebrated as the second darkest zone in India, Tehla offers myriad experiences to the discerning traveler.

Unparalleled wildlife apart, the region is home to unbroken cultural heritage celebrated in the temple complex of Neelkanth with 200 beautifully carved poetry in stone. Bhangarh Fort, believed to be haunted, occupies a fascinating place in folklore. 

Immerse Yourself in the Aravallis

Spread across 1200 sq km, Sariska Tiger Reserve is one of the largest and oldest tiger sanctuary in India. Nestled in concentric circles of lush hills, rocky outcrops and valleys snaking through, Sariska provides a safe haven to a variety of flora and fauna. 

A labour of love

A family of adventurers and discerning travelers came upon the site of Sariska Manor, and it was love at first sight. A labour of love for Gajendra Singh and Sunita Singh, Sariska Manor took shape as an oasis of serene beauty and exhilarating experiences.

Old world charm amidst timeless beauty

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