Dining at the Manor

Our love for culinary indulgences

Dining is a highlight at Sariska Manor. A bountiful food forest sets the tone with fresh, organic vegetables and seasonal fruits grown here. Reflecting the exacting tastes of Sunita and Gajendra Singh, cuisines from around the world are on offer here. Of course, the Rajasthani fare is perfected and a favorite with all our guests.

The plurality of dining spaces complements the epicurean excellence. Each dining space is unique and designed to elevate the culinary experience.

Breakfast at the Manor

The most luxurious spread with the choicest gourmet delicacies, Breakfast at Sariska Manor is an experience. Amit brings his passion to bear on the first meal of the day with his signature charisma. At least five kinds of bespoke breads with multigrain and gluten free options, many varieties of cheese - fresh and home-made.

Gajendra Singh, being a Teutophile has brought many authentic touches - the best among them being the sausage - freshly made and the finest! Coupled with fruits from the orchard that Sunita Singh so lovingly tends to, and crunchies from the English garden patch - organic and exotic. Feel the embrace of epicurean excellence at our many breakfast venues decided by the weather.

Sariska Manor

Leopard’s Lair

A debonair lounge, the Leopard’s Lair is designed for socializing, be it with loved ones or kindred spirits whose love for the wilderness and adventure has brought them to Sariska Manor. A bespoke collection of books goes perfectly with etchings, sketches and lithographs that hang here, setting the tone for an elegant experience.

The Sparrow

The roomy patio overlooking the Central Garden plays host to most of the meals at Sariska Manor. Lovingly christened The Sparrow, our guests spend hours together indulging in our delectables, sipping excellent coffee or just listening to the bird songs. 

The Antlers

Elegant dining space with tables for intimate dining to large gatherings make Antler a welcome choice when the weather outside is not amiable. Alert yet non intruding staff make your dining experience a joy here.

Eagle’s Nest

The terrace with panoramic views of the Aravalli resplendent with fiery sunsets and sunrise, dark moonless skies flaunting the Milky Way and other celestial bodies. Barbecues and themed dinners are best enjoyed under this blanket of a billion stars in the Eagle’s Nest.

Around the Neem Tree

Spaced out in the lawn around the neem tree, our alfresco dining is perfect for a romantic dinner or a lively lunch with loved ones.

By the Pool

Candlelit and enticing, our poolside is the perfect venue for popping the question or celebrating a milestone.

By the Lake

A full moon night with the lake lit up is an enticing experience for indulgence amidst nature.


With subtle scents wafting through, from the flower beds all around, our orchard dinner with lantern lit pathways is an unforgettable experience.

Orchard Dining at Sariska

Bush Dinner

For those who cannot get enough of the wilderness, bush dinners set up in bespoke locations create intense immersive experiences, spinning memories for a lifetime.

An indulgence in the good life

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