Born out of an adventure, for the discerning.

A labour of love

A family of adventurers and discerning travelers came upon the site of Sariska Manor, and it was love at first sight. A labor of love for Abhiraj, Gajendra Singh and Sunita Singh, Sariska Manor took shape as an oasis of serene beauty and exhilarating experiences.

The Inspiration

Inspired by her childhood memories of a book that inspired her, Sunita Singh has recreated the essence of ‘Bandobast and Khabar: Reminiscences of India’ by Cuthbert Larking. The delightful reprints are displayed at the Leopard’s Lair, a tastefully done lounge at Sariska Manor.

The People

With a deep connection to the land, Abhiraj, Sunita and Gajendra Singh have employed and trained staff from local communities. The women in the housekeeping department started their journey at Sariska Manor as daily wage laborers during the construction and were absorbed into full time employment, training them in the nuances of hospitality housekeeping.

For the love of the wild

As an ode to the dense green jungles around, Sariska Manor, with its lush central garden, ornamental and fruit plants, is designed to help you dial back on the pace of life and escape the trappings of urban living.

For the love of nature

The flowerbeds of myriad colours, birds chirping in audible distance, and rows of vegetable gardens will make you want to bring out the brushes and paint your views of the sun playing hide & seek with the hills at dawn and dusk. Ideal for bird-watchers, explorers, wildlife enthusiasts, and eco-travelers, the property is a meeting point for history, wildlife, and adventure.

Rendezvous with the rugged, rustic and regal

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