Living at the Manor

The Landscape

The arid wasteland has been lovingly restored with indigenous flora. An artificial lake was created for the fauna, now home to many birds including a returning family of waterfowls.

The citadels of Aravalli rising and falling in circles around with valleys interspersed, form the inspiration for Sariska Manor. The outer orchid is a veritable food forest with a variety of fruiting trees and organic vegetable patches. Little pathways twine in between stately cottages opening into a picturesque garden that transports you to an era when exploration and elegance co-existed.

The Central Garden

Perfecting the gifts of nature, beautiful flower beds bob ever so gently in the breeze, suffusing it with their fragrance as the thick hedges play host to bursts of sunbirds that chirp cheerfully during the delightful twilight hours. The tall grass complements open lawns with the lone neem tree providing the perfect vista and venue to indulge in this suave scenery. 

The Stately Suites

Encircling the charming Central Garden are twenty-six stately suites distributed over seven elegant manor houses. Each suite is spacious with tasteful interiors flaunting a chic king-sized poster bed, seating area, work desk complete with all the necessary creature comforts and modern amenities for pleasure.

For your Privacy

Every suite has a private balcony overlooking a charming piece of garden with picturesque windows framing the Central Garden and small windows in the powder room enticing you into the food forest beyond. Safari style bath and toilet complete the offering. 

A colonial-inspired jungle lodge

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