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Kankawari Fort- A Fort with Deep History

The Kankawari fort or Kankawadi is considered a top tourist attraction in the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Kankwari village of Alwar district, Rajasthan, but only a few people like including the place in their itinerary. It is believed that the first buildings of the Kankwari fort were constructed around 300 years ago, so it is not surprising that the majority of the fort complex is currently in a semi-ruined state.

There is a lot to discover and learn about the Kankwari Fort, which provides a peaceful natural setting and carries an intriguing historical significance in addition to the fort’s classic charm. However, the fort’s rich historical background, combined with its idyllic location overlooking beautiful lakes, ridges, mighty mountains, and hills, makes it nearly impossible to avoid visiting it.


King Jai Singh, the ruler of Amer at the time and a senior general of the Mughal empire, constructed the Kankwari fort in the sixteenth century. This fort was used centuries ago primarily for the confinement of political prisoners. The natural camouflage around the fort is the reason for this, but at the moment it serves as one of the top tourist places to visit in Alwar.

One could essentially say that the Kankwari fort was constructed with Dara Shikoh’s imprisonment in mind. Aurangzeb imprisoned his brother in the Kankwari fort in order to seize the throne. Aurangzeb chose Kankwari Fort because its distance from Delhi was convenient.

It is believed that Aurangzeb was so concerned about the imprisonment that he surrounded the fort with a massive rampart on all sides and kept it guarded all around by placing his armed soldiers so that none of Dara Shikoh’s Mughal Army supporters could assist him in fleeing the Kankwari fort.

The Kankawari fort is different compared to normal forts which were usually built on high mountains or hills to make them visible from afar, but the Kankwari fort is built on a relatively shorter hill in the heart of a lush green forest and mountains to provide a completely safe place for imprisonment.

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The Kankwari fort is just as beautiful as any other fort in Rajasthan in terms of its appearance and architectural style. The Kankwari fort is distinguished by its distinctive white minarets, which give this massive fort a look more akin to a Mughal architectural style building than a typical Rajasthani fort.

The Kankwari fort boasts an abundance of spacious rooms and wide corridors. The best part is that all of these rooms and corridors are exquisitely crafted and feature stunning designs and intricate carvings that are worth admiring whether or not you are an architecture student.


The historically significant background and the story of Dara Shikoh’s exile are unquestionably among the most important features of this popular tourist destination in Alwar. Visitors from far and wide come to this location, where Dara Shikoh was imprisoned for life, to learn about history.

The Kankwari fort is located in the heart of a dense forest, away from the chaos of city life, visitors can literally forget about their worries once they arrive. In fact, the location is so remote from the city that even if you climb to the top of the fort, you won’t be able to see the city.

With mighty mountains, pure waters, and lush greenery all around, a visit to the Kankwari fort will be a relaxing one in peaceful natural surroundings. Witness the beauty and stories of the Kankawari fort while you stay at our resort in Sariska.

Best Time To Visit

During the winter, the weather is typically pleasant enough during the day for exploring and going on excursions. As a result, it can be said that some time during the winter will be the best time to visit the Kankwari fort. Winter lasts from October through February in Alwar. Even though the monsoon season brings out the best in nature, the roads can become a little slick.

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