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Stargazing at Sariska

There is no more breathtaking scene than the night sky filled with stars. A stargazer or nature enthusiast will comprehend this statement’s underlying significance. As city dwellers, however, such natural splendours are a rare occurrence.

Sariska National Park and the Aravalli range in the area is considered the most stargazing amicable spot around Delhi. This is fundamental because of the presence of thick timberlands and the Aravalli range. These reach block the counterfeit lights of urban communities. The slopes likewise help in blocking air contamination from adjoining regions.

Astroport in Sariska is a dream come true for all astronomy enthusiasts. It replicates the experience of camping under the sky without the difficulties of the jungle. Situated near the Aravalli Range in Rajasthan’s Alwar District, a five-hour journey from Delhi. It is the second darkest point in India and so provides a beautiful vista of the starlit sky at night. It is totally suitable for night photography.

At Astroport the majority of the importance is given to the maintenance of nature which will provide you with a unique experience. It has opulent camping facilities. There are Swiss tents with associated bathrooms.

This is the perfect spot for an ideal short vacation they also offer daytime excursions such as rock climbing, nature walks, jungle safaris, village visits, track ‘n’ sign, camel safaris, horseback riding, pottery, organic farm tours, yoga, and aerobics.

There are also guides and lecturers that explain and acknowledge all of the constellations and galaxy patterns. This is one of the few venues where ordinary people can use astronomy equipment such as telescopes. Cameras and binoculars are freely available.

The Astroport camp also provides excellent on-site amenities to its guests. The location is remote from polluted cities, rushing crowds, and traffic. Discover the secrets of the Milky Way and escape into the beauty that transcends earthly limitations! Not only are the strange surroundings relaxing, but so is the venue’s friendly welcome. Experience the beauty of star gazaing at Astroport, while enjoying your stay at resort in Sariska.

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