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Sariska National Park and Zones

Sariska is a popular tourist destination in India and is known for having a tiger reserve or national park. Sariska, a wildlife destination in Rajasthan, plays a significant part in boosting tourism there. It is located in the state’s northwest. Sariska is a serene and quiet travel destination, which is 35 kilometres from Alwar and has the Aravali Hills as its backdrop. Sariska has a rich historical heritage and is most known for its tiger reserve and Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors from all over the world congregate here to view Sariska and the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. A wonderful wildlife encounter can be had in Sariska.

Sariska Manor is located at the entrance to India‚Äôs oldest tiger reserve sharing borders with the southern gate of Sariska National Park. You can stay at our Neo Colonial-styled Wilderness Retreat overlooking a beautiful garden with an indulgent swimming pool and visit Sariska National Park. In addition to its fauna, Sariska features a few forts, palaces, and temples that are worth visiting. The Alwar ruler’s Sariska Palace, Kanakwari Fort, and the historic Shiva temple are all worth seeing.

In Rajasthan, India, the Sariska National Park is 37 kilometres away from Alwar. Sariska is situated among the Aravali Mountains, which are covered in deciduous dry woods. Wild animals including the Leopard, Hyena, Wild Dog, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Bengal Fox, Common Palm Civet, Indian Hare, Ratel, Indian Grey Mongoose, Northern Palm Squirrel, and Tiger can be found in the Sariska Wildlife Reserve in Rajasthan, India. Animals including the Sambar, Chausingha, Nilgai, Chital, Wild Boar, Langurs, and Rhesus Monkeys may be found in Sariska National Park.

The Peafowl, Sand Grouse, Grey Partridge, Tree Pie, Bush Quail, Golden-backed Wood Pecker, Great Indian Horned Owl, and Crested Serpent Eagle are just a few of the many bird species that call it home.

The Sariska National Park in Rajasthan, India is particularly well-known for the number of tigers it is home to. While the sanctuary is available year-round for wildlife tours, it may be ideal to visit from October through June. In the summer, when the Sariska wildlife national park experiences a severe water deficit, you are successful in spotting a good number of wild animals as they congregate at the water holes to cool off.

Safari Zones in Sariska

Gates in Sariska National Park:
There are two gates in the Sariska Tiger Reserve. They are the Telha gates and the Sariska gates. Zones 1, 2, and 3 are accessible via the Sariska gate. Sariska Gate is the most well-known entrance to Sariska National Park since it offers the greatest opportunity for wildlife sightings. Another gate is Tehla gate, which is accessible from zone 4 and is located around 80 kilometres from the Sariska gate. The Tehla gate is less well-known than the Sariska gate. Comparatively speaking to Sariska Gate, sightings of wild animals are a little bit poor from Tehla Gate. Zones 1, 2, and 3 offer increased chances of seeing wild animals, according to sighting statistics. Sariska Gate is hence the one that tourists prefer the most.

Zone 1: This zone allows visitors to explore Sariska’s most remote regions. To visit this area and explore the national park, visitors can opt for a jeep safari or a camel safari.

Zone 2: Despite being the least visited of the core zones, this area has the greatest likelihood of spotting wildlife.

Zone 3: It is equally as popular as Zone 1 when it comes to seeing wild animals. The majority of travellers and naturalists advise visiting this area to see the wildest creatures.

Zone 4: Compared to the other three zones of Sariska National Park, zone 4 is the least visited. It can only be reached through the Tehla gate and is remote from the other three zones. According to the data, there are extremely few wild animal sightings in this area, making it the least visited area of Sariska National Park.

According to recent reports, the state forest department intends to develop more tourist-friendly zones in Sariska. According to reports, just 5% of the region is currently accessible for safaris, but there is still a lot for visitors to discover in the Sariska. According to legend, huge cats live in the Tiger Reserve’s areas where there are no zones.

What is the number of zones in Sariska National Park?

The park encompasses approximately 800 square kilometres and has two gates leading to four zones. The most popular gate, Sariska, has three zones: Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3. Telha gate provides access to Zone 4, and the gate is 80 kilometres away from Sariska gate.

Which region of Sariska National Park is the best?

These zones, namely Zones 1, 2, and 3, are the most desired, and tiger sightings are highest there. The Telha gate provides access to Zone 4. Compared to the Sariska gate, sightings are less frequent here.

How do I book a Jeep safari in the Sariska National Park?

Using this website’s online safari booking service, visitors can reserve seats for Jeep safaris and Canter safaris. Sariska Safari procedures for Jeeps and Canters are administered and managed entirely by Sariska Tiger Reserve forest officials. You can stay at our Neo Colonial-styled Wilderness Retreat which shares borders with the southern gate of Sariska National Park and enjoy the safari.

What is the best time to visit Sariska?

October, November, December, January, and February are the ideal months to visit Sariska Tiger Reserve. As this is the peak season, you should anticipate some crowds. The months of July, August, and September experience moderate weather.

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