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A trip to Mangalsar Dam

Let’s spend some time thinking about a location that is tranquil, calm, and not very busy. This place is the Man-made Mangalsar Dam. It can be reached in five to six hours from the nation’s capital, while it can be reached in just thirteen minutes from Astroport Sariska. Close by is the Shri Naugaja Bhagwan Shantinath Digambar Jain Temple, and it’s only 60 kilometres from Alwar. Also nearby is the Bhangarh fort.

You’ll have a sense of safety in the wild because of the rugged mountain landscapes that surround you. Where cars don’t roar by, you may listen to the songs of the many species of birds that fly overhead. The area is ideal for birdwatchers. Birds such as the Bar-headed geese, White-eared bulbul, Red-vented bulbul, laughing dove, brahminy myna, Shikra, white-eyed buzzard, crested honey buzzard, paradise flycatchers, Crested Serpent Eagle, Pale Harrier, Gray Hornbill, and White Breasted Kingfisher can all be found here.

There are many wonderful things to see in nature, and you can record some of them with your camera to enjoy later.

Your eyes will relax as you gaze upon the still, unmoving water. You won’t ever want to leave this amazing area. You can relax by reading a good book, listening to some music, practising meditation, or just taking in the scenery. It will bring you incalculable joy. Check out your surroundings to take in the invigorating aroma of the local flora and fauna.

Sports like football and cricket are perfect for a family picnic. It’s a place where you won’t have to worry about being bothered by anyone. There is no limit to the amount of time you can spend playing and running about with your kids. If you want it to remain peaceful and beautiful for years to come, though, you’ll need to remember to pack your food away properly.

Image Credits: Fledgling Travellers

The best way to get to Mangalsar Dam.

The best method to get here is by car. The road up to this point is in generally decent shape, except for one particularly bad section. We got here with the help of Google Maps (one word of advice: don’t take the route that goes through Sariska; it’s in bad shape).

How to plan a trip to Mangalsar Dam?

A picnic lasting no more than a few hours would be ideal here. If you’re a fan of remote bodies of water, you should check out this spot, which is located quite close to the haunted Bhangarh fort. Travellers leaving from Delhi can easily combine visits to Bhangarh and Mangalsar dam.

Though we recommend at least two hours, you seem to have wasted a whole day here. You should bring your water and snacks.

Where to stay near Mangalsar Dam?

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Featured Image Credits: Fledgling Travellers

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