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The Rising Population of Tigers in Sariska

In the heart of Sariska National Park, a remarkable tale unfolds—a tale of hope, perseverance, and the resurgence of the majestic tiger. Amidst the sprawling wilderness, two tiny cubs take their first steps, embodying the successful conservation efforts that have led to the rising population of tigers in Sariska. Join us on a journey through their story, as we delve into the challenges faced, the steps taken, and the significance of this remarkable milestone.

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Embarking on a Wild Adventure: Discovering the Thrill and Beauty of Sariska Tiger Reserve’s Magnificent Tigers!

Into the wild is perfect for everyone who loves to spend time amid nature, seeing and knowing about the awe-inspired thrilling experience where if you are lucky enough to witness a tiger. If you are a nature enthusiast and you love being around nature then you should take a trip on this jungle safari. Visiting here for a forest trail can be full of adventure.

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Birding at Sariska

Sariska National Park in Rajasthan, which is tucked away in the Aravalli Range, is a haven for avian enthusiasts. The park is a veritable sanctuary for ornithologists and bird enthusiasts alike with over 200 species of birds. Let us thus have a bird's eye view of some of the most fascinating birds you could see in Sariska.

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Tiger protection at Sariska

The majestic tiger, one of the most iconic and beautiful animals in the world, is facing a severe threat to its survival. With only around 3,900 Bengal tigers left in the wild, tiger conservation has become an urgent global priority. One of the significant tiger reserves in India is the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan.

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