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The Ideal Time to Visit Sariska

Sariska Tiger Reserve is a remarkable place, especially for those who love the outdoors. Despite the fact that everyone is aware that all protected reserves are closed from July through September for three months during the monsoon season. Sariska is different, though, as this tiger reserve is open all year long. Even during the rainy season, Sariska National Park is open to visitors for safari tours all year long. All year long, it remains open. Depending on the season, the safari ride’s entry time may fluctuate. The months of November through April are the greatest for spotting the beautiful Tiger. Tourists can readily see the gorgeous Tigers at any moment throughout these months. Therefore, these months are regarded as the ideal time of year, particularly for fans of tigers. During these months, visitors can take a safari trip to explore the Sariska jungle and take in any time a breathtaking view of the beautiful Tiger. Tourists can take advantage of the pleasant weather and the splendour of the natural world from November to April when nature is in full bloom. 

Winter Season 

The area around lakes and other bodies of water is especially beautiful in the winter when the flowers are in full bloom. It is also the finest time of year for bird watchers because the majority of migrating birds visit the Tiger Reserve in the winter. During these months, bird enthusiasts flock to this tiger reserve with great enthusiasm. However, if you plan to visit Sariska National Park in the middle of winter, between late December and early January, you must pack extra warm clothing to keep you comfortable in the park’s untamed surroundings. 

Summer Season  

Sariska National Park receives the least number of visitors from April to June because of the region’s excruciatingly hot weather. The Sariska National Park experiences extremely hot days during the summer, with temperatures rising all the way to 48 degrees Celsius. It is quite difficult for tourists to travel because of the high temperatures. Even so, some visitors still like going to Sariska National Park in the summer because there are fewer visitors at this time, and maybe more importantly, there is a greater chance of seeing the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger during this time. Tigers are frequently seen in and around the national park’s water features during the summer. Tourists should remember to bring sunscreen, scarves, and long-sleeved cotton dresses because the temperature is very hot and these items will shield you from the sun.

Monsoon Season 

Given that all of India’s protected areas are still closed, this is the worst time of year to be a fan of wildlife. Sariska National Park, however, offers a beacon of hope for those who enjoy the jungle because it is open even throughout the rainy season. The Bala Quilla buffer zone and one main path starting from Sariska gate are where the Sariska forest officials started their Jungle Safari for tourists. Here, the forest authorities provide visitors the chance to go on a jungle safari in an effort to promote ecotourism, especially in areas where visitors will be more interested in taking advantage of the forest’s abundant natural resources.

The tourists can enjoy the tour of the buffer and one core route from Sariska Gate in addition to taking in the natural beauty of Sariska by staying in a resort in Sariska. They will visit locations such as Siliserh Lake, Mansarover Lake, Bala Quila, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Bhangarh Fort, Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary, and Dadikar Forest Area. Visitors can experience a night safari while here as well as daytime wildlife exploration.

Before making travel plans to Sariska National Park, it is advisable to stay in a nearby resort in Sariksa to ensure a great experience. 

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