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Tiger Safari in Sariska National Park


If you enjoy peaceful nature and want to take a break from your busy schedule for an exciting vacation, reserve your Sariska forest safari online for a hassle-free Jeep Safari or Canter Safari in the lovely forest of Sariska National Park. In this location, you can quickly and easily book a safari for the time and date of your choice. There are only so many safari seats and good hotels in Sariska National Park. 

Located an hour away from our resort in Sariska, Bhangarh Fort makes for an excellent day excursion. The charming fort can be explored only during the day as local lore claims the fort is haunted and as such closed before sundown. Sariska National Park.

Today, spotting a tiger in the wild is a rare occurrence in India due to the lucrative tiger trade, which is driven by the belief that tigers possess various magical or healing properties. Indeed, tiger skin isn’t in style, but poor hunters can easily make a living by smuggling tiger fur coats and rugs into rich countries. Poaching of tigers persists despite government bans warning against even collecting wood from former hunting grounds.

The fight to keep these magnificent predators from vanishing from the planet continues. In 1972, the Indian government initiated a conservation programme called “Project Tiger” to protect the country’s tiger population. Examples of the success of this programme can be seen from the mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans to the thorny shrubs of Rajasthan in the high Himalayan national parks. However, more wildlife conservation laws and public education are needed to ensure that tigers in Indian sanctuaries are protected. Protecting Tigers in a Protected Area

Sariska National Park in Rajasthan covers an area of about 1200 square kilometres at the foot of the scenic Aravali Hills. Nothing beats a safari through the thick, dark forest teeming with wild animals and a stay in one of the forest resorts on the edge of the Sariska Tiger Reserve to spend a weekend or vacation surrounded by the splendour of wildlife and the pristine beauty of Nature.

The Sariska Tiger Reserve is home to two distinct safari options, both of which are fully overseen by the park’s forest rangers. You can go on a Jeep Safari or a Canter Safari through the woods. You can choose between a Jeep safari and a canter safari when making an online reservation. The Sariska Gate is one of two entrances to Sariska National Park; the other is the Tehla gate. You can choose from one of Tehla Gate’s Routes or three of Sariska Gate’s Routes on your safari.

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Jeep Safari: A 3:30-hour Jeep Safari through the Sariska jungle is about the average time for such an adventure. A maximum of six people can go on a Jeep Safari, experiencing the jungle and its inhabitants up close and personal. Jeep safaris are fun for up to six people and are highly recommended for wildlife photographers who want the best chance of capturing memorable images of the Royal Tiger and other wild animals in their natural habitat.


Canter Safari: In addition to the standard Jeep Safari, visitors to Sariska can also choose to ride canters through the jungle. Canters are the generic name for open-air safari vans, and they’re ideal for groups of people travelling together. It can carry 20 people at once and go anywhere in the world.

The Perfect Time to Visit Sariska

Those looking to visit Sariska National Park should do so between October and February when temperatures are milder. During these months, temperatures range from about 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Temperatures average 49 degrees Celsius during the summer, which runs from March to June. It is too hot to visit the park between May and September, but for those who can stand the heat, this is the best time to see a large concentration of wild animals. The park is closed during the monsoon season (June through September).

In order to enjoy your visit to the park, it is important that your stay is comfortable and stress free. Sariska Manor can help you have a comfy stay and a blissful experience. Sariska Manor is a Boutique Luxury Wildlife Resort  with twenty-six rooms across seven quaint cottages inspired by the glorious colonial-era British hunting lodges, fully equipped with modern luxuries and amenities.

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